I  D  E  N  T  I  F  I  C  T  I  O  N





G I V I N G   E V E R Y T H I N G




A  L A B E L

People identify themselves with everything around them. With their culture, language, family, friends, knowledge.
Our identity determines what we think, feel and do.
The way we dress plays a vital role in how we express our feelings and how we identify ourselves.Clothing is the fine line between the inner and outer world.
Clothing is ubiguitous and pervasive at every level of life.
The fine line of cloth is the story you tell about yourself in relation to the world.
But it is subject to many, many, many rules.

The strongest IDENTIFICATION are the gender differences.
Male, female, boy, girl.
Clothing is in this all expressive .
Yet there is an asymmetry
Women can dress like as men,
Men can not  dress as a women.
I wonderd why?

I started with the following question:
Why is a man in women’s clothing called a transvestite,
when a woman can wear whatever men’s clothing she wants?
Where does this contrast come from?
It has to do with INDENTIFICATION.

IDENTIFICATION historically seen:
Man are strong, woman are weak.
A man descending into the weaker is a failure or worse, a pervert.

IDENTIFICATION psychologically seen:
A man dressed as a woman would rather be a woman, or is in an identity crisis, or is sexually frustrated or is a pervert.

In the western world you can dress as you want,
but a man in women’s clothing is labeled a freak or pervert.
He will be socially excluded.
He will be demonized and must be prepared for violent reactions.

A man in women’s clothing is almost never tolerated anywhere in the world.
That is why it is unsafe for him in the outside world.
In many countries it is illegal, he can be arrested for it,
thrown in prison, tortured, possibly put to death.