Identification is the result of mental interpretation.
Interpretation is the result of your conceptualization of the world, which is formed by observing, thinking, analyzing, communicating, relating, and experiencing.
All this forms your self-image, the idea of ‘I am this’ and ‘I want that’.
It is what is called the ego, the mental consciousness, the center from which you act.
The brain regulates the production of the necessary substances that are necessary for the survival of the biological organism human. It takes care of the formation and structure of the organism, through permanent cell division, and through constant internal and external information and energy transfer.

A small part of brain activity is the experience of consciousness. The conscious part of the brain activity has the task of providing the biological organism with nutrition and security for its continued existence. The ‘feeding’ is done rationally, enterprisingly, and analytically, with due observance of the legal rules to which people, within a social-political context, are subject.

In addition to biological nature, man also has a learned ‘nature’. Nietzsche already established in the nineteenth century that our second – learned – nature has supplanted our first nature, as a result of which our natural nature has become subordinate to our learned nature.
Man has placed his own thinking above natural action, which does not mean that conscious thinking does not pay attention to nature.
In addition to the acquired knowledge about one’s own physical care, man acts through social and economic necessity in terms of power and wanting to possess, even if this goes against nature.
Since the new millennium, people have become even more swept up in global digitization, which dominates every area of socio-cultural-economic life.
For many, digital development is a burden that causes confusion and alienation, for others it offers new horizons and economic opportunities.
But it is a fact that people are increasingly subject to complex social and economic processes, as a result of which man as a biological being drifts further and further away from his own nature.





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