In 1983 I started with the making of geometric models. On the right is a collection of models that I first made in black and white. The final models are in color. All geometric models on this website are made without a computer. To make the models was a complex process. To begin with I had to cut out thousands of triangles from polystyrene plates. I needed a lot, because I worked with 8 colors, and the triangles came in 8 different sizes. Compare it with a letter setter. I designed a special design table that consisted of large and smaller triangles. These triangles functioned as the bearer of the narrower triangles with which I laid the basic patterns. I was able to swap the carriers, in order to create new patterns. During the laying of the patterns I photographed the whole setup. Above the table I had a camera mounted in a fixed position. Digital cameras did not exist yet. I had negatives and slides made from the photos. Then I used the slides for printing on a color copy machine. After that I had to cut the prints in smaller pieces. With these pieces I could start to make the final models. When a pattern was finished, I glued it on paper that I later on attached to a wooden panel. I needed the models for the exhibition A Micro Universe.