The Nature Rights movement was founded in 1995 in Amsterdam with the aim of achieving a
WORLD in balance with the PLANET.


Nature Rights are the rights of people to liveable air, water and soil. As long as the concept of livable is not established in globally recognized index measures, governments can and will use floating measures

The Nature Rights Movement calls for standardization of air, water and soil quality standards through political action, legal foundation for its implementation in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


The following are the 12 principles of Nature Rights International
as formulated in 1995
as an appeal for a World in Balance with Nature.


Nature is our primary concern in life.

The world is our common inheritance.

The living environment, air, water, and soil is our common responsibility.

All natural resources of our living environment are our common base.

The world is a whole. There is no first, second, or third world.

The universal rights of human beings and of all living species on the planet are the basic conditions for the development of the world in balance is nature.

All teachings of national, racial, economic, and cultural superiority, are harmful to the development of the human mind and spirit.

World unification in peace is a creative process of cooperative negotiations in which all nation-states of the world are involved with equal rights.

The transition from free-market economics into a ‘clean world economy’ (which shares and cares for all) is the task for humankind in the 21st century.

The development of planetary consciousness is the most fundamental step toward a world in balance with nature.

We propose the foundation of institutes of planetary science and planetary consciousness.

Global warming of the planet is a warning to the world that pollution has to be stopped.

(We propose the conversion of all scientific activities to the pursuit and development of a pollution-free world economy).



C ASVANI: Nature Right International